Who We Are

Scan Conversion Services Inc. was incorporated as a limited, privately held company on June 29, 1989 in the province of British Columbia, Canada.

Please direct inquiries to:
Toll Free: (800) 328-4820
Tel: (604) 244-7226
Fax: (604) 244-1179
Email: sales-dept@scan-conversions.com

Our offices are located at:
#218-21300 Gordon Way,
Richmond, BC V6W 1M2

Scan Conversion Services Inc. is a professional service bureau which provides Government and Private Industry with a means of converting manually produced, hard copy drawings to raster/vector formats. The company performs the conversion in both a cost and time efficient manner, which saves the client the commitment of considerable capital expenditure in acquiring the necessary equipment and staff training.

Scan Conversion Services Inc. offers its clients a wealth of knowledge and expertise resulting from its competent management team and it’s almost 20 years of experience in this highly specialized field. Priding itself in being a company with the resources to handle large conversion projects but still of a size where personalized service is the number one priority, SCAN has been involved in projects all across the continent. Work has been done from Alaska to Florida, from Texas to the Yukon and some of our clients have even sent us work ranging from a resort in China to a gold mine in Peru.

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