Frequently Asked Questions

2. What resolution should I specify for my scanning projects?

The drawings are scanned at an optical resolution of 500 dots per inch (dpi) to create the raster files. Scanning at such a high resolution lets us achieve an accuracy tolerance of +/-.04%. In instances where lower resolutions are requested, such as scanning for archive purposes, the data is still captured at 500 dpi but is then "stripped" down to a lower resolution, in most cases 300 dpi. This technique, also known as "oversampling" allows for maximum data capture and accuracy retention while generating a file that has a much lower overhead requirement in terms of memory storage. For instance, a typical 500 dpi scan of a 34"x 22" sheet (A1 - Size) is about 350-500 KB. The same scan, stripped down to 300 dpi will be about 210-300 KB.

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